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I love writing fiction and I have

always been fascinated with

fantasy. With the onset of  my

teenage hormones came my

obsession with paranormal heroes.

Vampires, Werewolves, Elves

and Fae filled my composition

notebooks alongside witches and

the regular high school girls. I

lived passion and romance

through my writing and found

myself spending hours just laying 

in bed writing about the earth

shattering romance I longed to

find myself.

    I consider myself a storyteller,

passionate about sharing the world

and characters that reside in my

head and my soul. I cherish the

opportunity to share with you and

invite you into my romantic

world; a place full of

breathtaking heroes, strong

females and the most important

feeling of all, LOVE.

Thanks for coming along for the


      Yours in wickedness and fun,

 Maggie O'Dempsey                    




 My primary goal is to share with you my stories and transport you to a place where you can smile, cry, laugh out loud, fall in love or hopefully all of the above. For this reason most of the content here is FREE! 

I am currently working on the fifth novel of my first paranormal series, Rivercast Immortals. All my e-books are available for sale at and in other e-book retailers. I will post excerpts of my full length novels here so you can read a preview of them. My laest e-book in the series, The Fire In His Touch, is available now! It is book 3.5 of the series. You can buy any of the books in the series  by following the link below.
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