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The Night Warriors: The Warrior's Sin                   (Rivercast Immortals series book 1)


     Along Oregon's coastal highway lays the city of Rivercast. A small to mid-size city known for its booming economy in the last 100 years.  It has a population of between 60,000 to 80,00 inhabitants. When school is in session the population reaches its peak due to the influx of students coming to the renowned University of Technology and the Rivercast Law School both of which make Rivercast their home. The local computer industry is extremely prosperous and relies heavily on the exporting of new groundbreaking technology.  The city has an old time, small town allure through out with the exception of the ultramodern downtown area.  Humans see the city as the perfect place where modern meets old in peaceful harmony. There are plenty of quaint, mom and pop stores as well as bed and breakfasts around the rural parts of the city, but once you get downtown it’s like stepping into the future, with high rises, museums, pubs and high-class condos and stores. Many say the downtown area was a beamed-in section of some big metropolitan city.  This is why some residents call it the stolen downtown. Crime is high inside the downtown area and has been increasing elsewhere in recent months. Humans are unaware of the high number of Lore creatures who make Rivercast their home. The Lore are a group of immortals beings that humans believe only to live in their imagination and that is exactly how the Lore wants to keep it.

     Rivercast was actually founded by a group of Lore creatures looking for a place to call their own. Four pure-blood vampire families and a Shape-shifting family moved and developed the area, which had an open Lore door to any that came with an openly peaceful mentality. Sadly this truce, as it may be, ceased to exist as the Lore community grew and as humans began to crave living in the beautiful, peaceful town. 

     At present there are vampires, shape shifters, faes and witches residing in Rivercast along with humans. The powerful Vampire Sorcerer Malachi wants ultimate power to enslave not only the humans but also all facets of the Lore. Once part of the Vampire High Counsel, Malachi murdered his fellow Council elders and went on to murder the Dark Wizard who overlooked all evil entities of the world stealing his powers and his position as Evil Overlord.  Now he is gathering forces from the Lore and creating undead armies to aid him in his quest for world domination.

The Lore is aware of Malachi's evil and they have been on alert, some have even taken to the task of stopping Malachi's army and protecting humanity and the innocent.  The Vampire High Counsel feels the most responsible for not noticing the intentions of one of their own and so they created a group of highly trained and powerful vampires to combat Malachi and ultimately destroy him and his Lore armies. They are called The Night Warriors.

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The Night Warriors: The Warrior's Charm       (Rivercast Immortals book 2)

     It was so weird seeing shifters and witches inside the Compound's main rooms. Linda hasn’t seen her shifter friends in almost a century. Soon after she stopped dating the werewolf his whole pack moved to Colorado. She had kept in touch with some of her friends but it had been hard to keep in communication. She had not really socialized with anyone since becoming the Compound's housekeeper, besides the adjustors and the crew. She sometimes talked to the harpy Callie when she had the time but now there was this alliance and the Compound had actually invited shifters and witches inside and not inside a cell that is. She couldn't believe that Calix had allied the Warriors to the beings he hated almost as much as he hated Malachi. Calix hated witches, that was no big secret; the secret was why he hated them so. But if the man wanted to keep his secrets Linda was all for it. After all Calix didn’t have to offer her a roof and a job after Lucaz's death but he did and more than that he had been with her when she had needed a shoulder to cry on. At first it had been hell living inside the same place where she shared most of her memories of her dead mate Lucaz, but centuries of doing something necessary and productive for the Warriors had a way of easing the pain of her loss. Now she usually remembered the memories with gratitude and pride that she had the balls to stand up to her species to choose Lucaz.

“I hope I'm not intruding,” said a voice right behind her, making her drop the plates she was cleaning in the sink and go pale white with fright. Thankfully the plates were made of wood and didn't break when she dropped them. She turned to see London's cute apologetic smile. He was carrying a tower of dirty dishes and obviously trying not to laugh in her face.

“Sorry Linda I didn't mean to startle you, again.”

She laughed nervously and took the plates from him.

“What are you doing with all these plates? You didn't have to do that. What you need to do is stop testing my immortality with these little meetings; I might have to put a bell on you.”

London laughed and she blushed profusely. What the hell was she doing being all flirty and telling jokes?

“Hey I will definitively try to be less sneaky from now on. And the plates, well I have ulterior motives.”

He smiled that damn smile and her mind went straight for the gutter. Hormones please behave! “And what would that be?” she asked seductively. Obviously her hormones weren't heeding her advice even though she was trying to rein them back.

London cleared his throat and if she didn't imagine it he also fix his pants.

Well I guess the attraction is mutual, she thought with a deep traitorous smile.

After clearing his throat once more London sat at the little dining table to hide his embarrassing reaction to Linda's seductive tone. Keeping his Warrior's honor code would be difficult indeed if he had to spend any prolonged amount of time with Linda. You did not lust over another Warrior's love and much less a mate. The little evil voice in his head kept telling him that Lucaz was long dead while the good voice, which usually sounded a whole lot like his mother's voice, told him it didn't matter because true love never died. OK he needed to shut the little voices in his mind and focus. There was nothing wrong with a little flirting going both ways and he would settle for that.

“OK Linda this is what I was thinking we can go out to get coffee and talk somewhere public but not too public. You said you haven't really gone out in ages.”

“Well that is true but you didn't have to bring all the dirty plates Liz and I would've managed, besides it’s a miracle you didn't drop them.”

“Hey now; I'm graceful like that,” he said charmingly.

You are cute as hell is what you are, she thought. “Okay, give me about 30 minutes to finish here and give Liz some instructions and I'll meet you in the parking garage.”

The Night Warriors: A Warrior's Choice         (Rivercast Immortals book 3)



Belgium 18th century

 The brothers walked down the cobblestone path not even trying to shield themselves from the freezing rain anymore. The last hour had been spent in tired silence only because they were both exhausted from the fist fight that had taken an hour and a concussion to subside. The good thing about being immortal was, you could beat the living shit out of your brother and still have him live to get a brand spanking new beat down; something that was already brewing in Keon’s mind. Their life of luxury and comfort all gone thanks to his little brother’s stupid ass comments, and his inability to just lie or shut the fuck up.

“Are you blaming me for being disinherited?” he had asked as their father’s goons actually kicked them out of the mansion which used to be their home. Damn right he blamed Brendt. He plainly said too many wrong things and too often. For example calling their pureblood vampire father a murderer and their human mother a whore in the middle of their anniversary celebration had definitively been the last straw. Then add his own stupidity in trying to protect him once again and now he was out on the streets as well. Did he blame him? Damn right he did, but he loved his younger brother Brendt and he knew his brother had covered for him and his love of arson more than a couple of times, so he kind of owed him. Just thirty-eight minutes apart in age they had always been together and it would not change now. The fact that he was going to beat the snot out of him every other day didn’t have anything to do with it.

Walking under the freezing rain was not fun even for immortal vampires like them and Brendt knew it was his fault their balls where currently residing somewhere inside their bellies. His damn tongue always got him in trouble but this time he really screwed up big time; the worst part was that Keon was paying for his stupidity. Brendt loved his older brother, always playing tricks on people and laughing. Keon loved the luxuries they had as a pureblood household. Even though their mother was human their father was a very powerful pureblood. He had never really cared about all the luxury. Guess I thought it would always be there, but now they were wet, cold and hungry. He had never fed from anyone other than the blood slaves his family owned. The beautiful women were more than willing to part with some blood for the ecstasy that awaited them in the bed of the fraternal twins. When a vampire took blood from the vein the feeling was extremely sensual. If the vampire drank from the same sex the feeling was decreased to something similar to drinking your favorite alcoholic drink; the donor would get a pleasurable buzz and the vampire would get their nourishment. The difference some thought was a way for nature to increase procreation. Still many vampires took their pleasures from both male and females. Vampires rarely shared their blood with another, especially purebloods, for a couple of reasons. First the act of mutual blood sharing or binding was something done by mates or married couples. The first binding of blood and body marked the vampires union for life. If you mated your one true mate or your fated then you would need their blood alone to survive. They could still be nourished by other blood but their powers would wane and no true mate had ever lived without the blood of their mate for more than four years, after which they became mist. A state of immortality where nobody could perceive them at all, it was a never ending purgatory of endless wondering and eternal loneliness. Some powerful vampires could turn into mist at will but it was different from becoming mist by starvation. Only the blood of your true mate could bring you back if it was poured into your mouth before the mist transformation was completed. Finding your one true mate was one of the most important goals in an immortal’s life. Ancient scripts explained that an immortal would never be fulfilled, happy or completed unless he found that one being that Fate had created just for them. Pleasure could never be fully experienced with anybody else. The second reason why a pureblood didn't share his blood freely was the fact that only a pureblood vampire could make another being into a vampire, turning them usually at the brink of death by feeding them their blood. The person didn't have to be dying but the transition was much faster and stronger as the vampire blood and enzymes had less of the viable human physiology to convert. Most of the changed vampires were infertile due to the brutal effects of the change to their human body. Even pureblood vampires had a hard time conceiving but it was possible during the female’s fertile period, which only came twice a year. For this reason they were encountering more half -human, half- vampire children, something the Vampire High Council didn't like. The Vampire High Council was the regulatory entity for the whole race. They set up the laws that governed the vampire society in the world. The Council also had their Committee with twelve representatives from the biggest vampire enclaves in the world. The final word came from the seated elders Palomino, Kuran and Dorotax. Turned vamps and half breeds were not look upon as equals to the purebloods. Much like any monarchy there was a class system they adhered to. At the top was the vampire king, who only the elders knew the identity of. It had not been always so but in recent times it was safer to keep the King’s anonymity. After the King there was the Vampire High Council, the Committee of Representatives, which always came from the aristocratic pureblood families, then the aristocrats, most of the pureblood vampires were considered aristocrats but some tried to live a more regular life, still they were considered higher than a half breed. Under the half breeds there were the turned vamps, who many purebloods didn’t consider true vampires. Keon and Brendt’s father had been a very powerful and influential pureblood vampire so they had been respected, but now that they had been disinherited that respect was probably gone as well. Now they were merely two more half breed mongrels. The Vampire High Council prohibited the turning of any being without prior authorization and purebloods who impregnated humans were given a hefty fine, in hopes to lessen the practice.

Brendt was getting a head ache from Keon’s constant bitching and bickering.

“You and your fucking tongue boy, I should do us both a favor and cut that sucker right out of your big mouth....” On and on he bickered as they walked down the dark road. Brendt already felt like shit, that was why he let his brother beat him up; sure he had given him a couple of good punches to make sure he didn't notice he was holding back. That night under the pouring rain and insults Brendt made a decision never to let his tongue screw his life or anyone else's. From that day on Brendt had changed; he rarely spoke and gone was the carefree attitude he had lived with. Keon, well that was another story.


Chapter 1

Rivercast, Oregon

Present Day

 “Look at that shit burn brother, sweet!” said Keon looking at his work of art. Oh yeah, to Keon anything that was engulfed in flames was a work of art. Brendt stood with Basil, the twin’s adjustor, back from the inferno currently burning in Keon’s massive garage. The structure had huge smoke extractors in the roof for this exact reason. “Basil my man you did good,” said Keon looking at the pile of burning Christmas trees.

“I know you like the smell and everyone is recycling them now.”

“Fucking beautiful, look at those blues.”

Brendt pushed Basil to get his attention and showed him the time on his watch.

“Excuse me Keon but Brendt just realized if you guys don’t hurry you’ll be late for your meeting with Calix.”

“There is no such thing as late when you can teleport my man,” he said with a smile.